Rapid Content Wizard – How It Helps With Content Creation

Rapid Content Wizard is billed as the ideal content creation solution for internet marketers who know the importance of original content. It is said to be an app which offers “rapid content” to its users. Read this Rapid Content Wizard Review to know whether its substance is actually worth all the hype and how much effective it can be for you.

About the Application

This is a fresh web-based app which helps users in content creation for blogs and websites. It has a user-friendly interface that helps you make Google friendly content which is rich in SEO that allows it to rank better in the search engine results pages. Once you input the keywords of your choice, it extracts paragraphs from relevant articles of online directories to make a new article which is made unique by two spinners. You can submit your login information for WordPress websites into the app so that it can log in automatically and publish posts for you.

The Rapid Content Wizard Review tells you that in case you do not want to publish content right away, you may even schedule the posts. You can create 5-10 posts quickly and schedule them at one go for a new website and allow the app to do the rest for you. The posts will automatically be published and you will not lose time in content creation and publishing.

How does it really Work?

Once you type in the keywords, the app just extracts the right snippets from Wikipedia as well as various article directories like Articlesbase, Ezinearticles and ArticleCity. The paragraphs are placed in a single article and you have to arrange it logically to make it readable and make sense. Once your content creation is over, you can make use of the two in-built spinners to spin the content and make it original. So there is some manual work for you to do and the entire process is not only app-reliant.

The software also comes with a built-in free service that extracts pictures from Flickr and videos from YouTube and introduces them to your posts. The app also consists of an Amazon feature that looks up for related products and integrates them to your posts and makes a fine job of it. It also schedules posts pretty well and leaves no room for complaints.

Is It a Good Choice?

As you might have already understood from this Rapid Content Wizard Review, this app can actually be a good purchase for you. Writing a lot of articles every day can drain your originality and inspiration. This handy app helps you get fresh ideas instantly for various topics and saves your time. Whether you suffer from writer’s block or simply a lack of inspiration from time to time, it can be worth your money. In the event that you have suffered with other paid services, this content creation software can be a pleasant change. It can save you a lot of hours on research as well as your time and money.

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